Harvard / Altran Course On Innovation In Science And Engineering

The Harvard / Altran course “Innovation in Science and Engineering” is a course that addresses students in any Grandes Ecoles or universities based in Île-de-France.

From April to May 2007, four student from INT took this course. Namely Florian Fainelli, William Germain, Youssef Barhomi and myself Youcef Banouni.

I am posting this article primarily for INT student, to invite the most motivated to join this class. There is only 3 to 4 possible places, anmd you should start on April Tuesday 8 is you’re interested.

That class had a tremendously positive impact on me and very certainly for my friends too. If you are interested in Innovation, Entrepreuneurship and Science (in general) this course is for you.

Corinne Jouanny (Altran) and Tom Esselman (Harvard University) are in charge of this class. They are the main instructors, but every now and then they bring other great speakers.


Course presentation

doc Innovation in Science & Engineering – Course Syllabus (2008)

doc Innovation in Science & Engineering – Course Information (2008)

Course material

Each class is followed by a certain amount of reading to be done for the following week. Some feedback (even short) is expected by mail every monday.

I am INT student, and I am damn motivated to take this course, what should I do to be able to take this class ?

Step 1

However, before contacting anyone READ THE DOCUMENTS ABOVE VERY CAREFULLY.

Step 2

Go meet your school’s scholarship officer (Mr. Villard for engineers, ?? for Management, and Mr. Carnat for MsC.). Tell him/her you want to take this class. If it is compatible with your schedule there should be no problem, the schedule is INT’s main worry.

Step 3

Your scholarship officer will need the approval of the person in the LSH departement responsible for second year English classes. In 2007 it was Rosin Donohoe, it might be smart to contact her instead, or at least to mention her to the responsible for quicker approval since she knows what this class is about.

Step 4

Go back to the school’s scholarship officer to have a copy of your Educational Contract. You’re done with the paperwork!


  • You may be asked by INT to attend the beginning of the INT second semester English classes you have chosen before.
  • This class is not held at INT, you will have to get to Supelec or SupOptique. In practice, by RER, we left from INT at 3pm, got there at 4:30pm, left at 7:45pm and were back at INT at 10:20pm.

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