Master The Crowd

Does it happen to you to be in some crown let’s say in a metro station, and people as usual walk in random directions, it is stressful and just makes everybody walk slower. So eventually every now and then you would boost your brain and try and predict the shortest path but it takes a lot of effort. So rather often, that sentence hits your mind “Oh Lord IF ONLY I could find a trick to be given way, to walk faster and more peacefully”.
I have carried out a social experiment that has yielded a very powerful method to be given way in a crowd.

Here’s the tip :

Pretend you are not watching your steps, and WHILE WALKING look either up like if you were reading a sign or admiring the architecture, looking at the sky, or even look behind you ! E-ve-ry-thing except paying attention to where other people are walking.

What happens next ?

Because every single person (except for you apparently) pays attention in crowdy situations, you will be identified as a potentially dangerous person because you’re not looking where you are going. As a result, since no one can stop you, people will just give you way 🙂

I do that all the time now and I love to observe how efficient it is ! It is ten times more polite than being a stupid asshole intentionally bumping into everyone, attracting themselves trouble as if whatever makes them walk faster is the most important issue in the world. If you go to Paris that’s probably going to be your first (and hopefully probably the last) bad experience.

Try it, and let me know how it works for you.
Of course this method works only if only a few people know it. So feel free not to share too much if you want to be given way ! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Master The Crowd

  1. Adopté. Ça marche très bien en traversant Paterson Road, à côté de la station Orchard MRT. Pas encore essayé dans NUS…

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