Track people’s interest in YOU:

It’s simple, you have GOT to read this if you are:

  • a student, that may soon need to look for an internship.
  • soon to seek a job and want to assess quantitatively how much interest your recruiters show for your application.
  • a blogger and want the most detailed information about visits.

You can try here a public sample of the interface.
I used this magic stuff when I was looking for a research internship in US universities. Instead of just sending them your resume as an attached document, you want to have an internet page with your CV on it, and send the LINK to it. This way, every time your CV web page is accessed, the script keeps track of tons of very valuable information on the visitor, the most of which are Location and Visit Length.

But one day I applied for two positions at Princeton University, so the location was not enough. That’s when the IP address comes in VERY HANDY! Did you know that when you send/receive an email all you can read is just a portion of the email? Take the challenge: save an email to an .eml file and edit it with a notepad. It hold tons of other information (not supposed to useful for you) such as at what time the servers the message went through, and other funny stuff. For our purpose, the most pertinent information an email holds is definitely the IP ADDRESS. How did I use it? Well, after them sending me a confirmation of reception, I retrieved their IP ADDRESS from the emails and compared with the list of IP addresses visiting my resume web page. That way I managed to precisely identify, which prof/recruiter spent how long on which page, when, if they came back, etc.

Conclusion, put your resume ONLINE instead of sending attached file, create a account and copy the script into your resume web page file. And … KEEP TRACK 😉

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