Lucid Dreaming, Your Bridge To The Matrix

When I tell people I can fly, not without an ounce of provocation, I get those funny looks, just as expected… Of course I cannot fly, but who told you I was talking about real life?

From a person to another, people experience various levels of the feel of reality in dreams. When I have a good night’s sleep, it can sometimes get scarily real.

Let me give you the most pertinent experience I can remember of. At age 21 (in 2006), I went through that week during which I kept having very joyful dreams every night. But ironically, that very same week, the daytime was tremendously dull. Because the dreams felt very real, I got to the point where I told myself “Having real dreams is like having another life in parallel. I should sleep more because that life is nicer than real life”. Of course, and very hopefully I thought so only during that terribly boring week I had.

The point is that it feels real, this first stage of high impression of reality is the base to what is coming next.

Eventually, you will experience random but highly emotional experiences in your dreams : the best of which in my case is definitely flying in the air (like a bird) and the other one being attending the birth of a child as it was yours. To a certain extent but with an authenticity that must be questioned, I have experienced what it feels like to attend your first son’s birth. How funny for someone who never had kids? Of course it did not have the same effect on me on the long term as if it really happened, in which case you may expect a certain parental maturity developing due to all these questions you ask yourself when you become a dad. And this questioning is all the more strengthened by the length of time you spend with your newborn kid, which obviously was not the case in the very brief experience I described.

Those two experiences were tremendously positive and involved vivid feelings and emotions, which I fancy a lot in real life as well.

Now, consider this. What if, we had the mental power of DECIDING which environment or situation you will experience in your dream? Yes, it would be like switching to the Matrix.

And one upper level would be being conscious in your dreams. You would therefore control everything, and do things that are clearly impossible in real life. The sexually deprived reader of this may now have a wide imagination, but there’s a lot more fun out there than just this. How about flying? How about stopping time? How about teleporting? How about feeling like the person you have always dreamt of being, may it be a popstar, a president, an astronaut, a top-model or an NBA player. All this would become possible, and you could be here or there, being this or that, on demand, on a daily (or rather nightly) basis.

When the three criteria above-mentioned are united, the comparison with the Matrix comes quite naturally.

The only difference being that in the original Matrix (as in the movie) is common to everyone else being the Matrix. Whereas in lucid dreaming, you have one more degree of flexibility: everyone can develop their own world and scenario. However, I do regret a bit that our dreams do not share the same environment as other people also dreaming. There has been testimonies from people telling they shared the same dream but I should explore that a little further to see if there is any possible scientific valid hypothesis to explain such phenomenon.

Back to our lucid dreaming, if you look at the neuroscience of dreaming, lucid dreaming happens to be a quite unnatural phenomenon to occur. When you sleep, the part of your brain than is in charge of making links between facts is just turned off. Making links refers to being rational, logic, and show intelligence. Having this part shut down, you may now understand better why most of our dreams do not make ANY SENSE. You must have had dreams where you did not react as you would in real life, it’s normal, that’s what you are supposed to do in fact.

I need to explore further why some dreams manage to be more lucid than others. I truly intend to dig deeper, have experience great things through dreams, I am convinced more knowledge and self-experiment can yield quite interesting stuff. I remain positive in that we humans have not an ounce of an idea what we can really do and accomplish with our mind and body.

By then if you want to read more about lucid dreaming, here is some sources you may want to look at:

  • Wikipedia’s article on Lucid  Dreaming
  • A Wiki Book on Lucid Dreaming (I have no idea what it is worth)
  • The Lucidity Institute
  • Wikihow’s tutorial to Lucid Dreaming. They have a paragraph telling how fun it is to fly, which agree with 100%, however I do NOT recommend supplements unless suggested by a specialist doctor:

    It is fun to fly in lucid dreams. To start flying try bouncing higher and higher after each step (while “walking” in the dream.) You can also try walking on walls or the ceiling, as flying for the first time can be intimidating if you are not totally convinced that you are dreaming. Many people experience flying as being very natural and very exhilarating.

  • A forum on Lucid Dreaming. It’s interesting to read other people’s dreams, it feels like reading a fictional book that features them as the main character.

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