A Healty Entrepreneur Lifestyle Far From Stereotypes

There is a number of seducing aspects of being an entrepreneur and running you own company.

As for any other job, one is how it is IMAGE. For most jobs there is no real danger or risk in giving a lot of importance to the image you are giving through your job. But when it comes that of entrepreneur, you should really avoid trying to fit the perfect image of the entrepreneur as it is by far the least healthy.

Ask people around what caracterises an entrepreneur, they will all say “Busy all the time, stressed, no breaks, working at night, lacking sleep, caffeine addict”. How healty is that? You don’t seriously think you can be successful, happy and healthy on the long term like this, do you?

It may be fun punctually in time to have those crazy periods that turn out to be great memories later. But forget about making it your everyday style of life as an entrepreneur, unless you plan for diabetes resulting from stress and some cancer from maltreating your body.

Here is a nice article from Forbes.com “How to Run on Fumes“, that presents elementary tips to be at the top of your health and efficiency. Longing for healthy, joyful, extraordinary and successful entrepreneurship adventure through life, I fully support this article and hope you will find interest reading it.

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