Buying Books in Singapore

Although buying and reading books may not be listed in the favourite hobbies in Singapore (although shopping for books could be), you may need, at some point of time, to purchase a book.

Forget about Amazon, there is no Amazon Singapore, besides so far I found no Amazon website that accepts to do international shipping to Singapore.

If you’re a student, or know people from a university, you may want to try the university library first, that’s the cheapest choice if you don’t have to own the book. For NUS, you may want to try a request in the NUS LINC system.

Otherwise, the main book stores in Singapore are :

  • Borders
  • KinoKuniya
  • MPH
    Their website (MPH only) is really lousy, i.e. you cannot search for a book in their database…So like I did I suggest to give them a call to ask if they have what you want. Get the ISBN if possible cause giving the title with good spelling over the phone may take long…

You may also want to try a Singapore company called OpenTrolley. They take online orders and accept Paypal payments. After a waiting time of roughly a week you can either collect the book on Orchard Rd (1 SGD fee) or get it shipped to your home in Singapore (about 5 SGD). Besides (in my case) the books were 30% cheaper than the public price found in the above-mentioned stores.

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3 thoughts on “Buying Books in Singapore

  1. Interesting, you may also consider buying from Amazon US and use a postal redirection service (Amazon will deliver the product in the USA and the service will then resend it to you wherever you are).

    There are plenty of those services if you search the web with “buy in the USA” for example. But be careful with your choice ;-).

    YB: Thanks for this comment Erwin, feel free to suggest some of those services if you know any. I would have considered thsi service as a startup to launch but it just involves a lot of responsability.

  2. i want to buy some academic books like accounting, marketing, management, h r m etc in person not in online.please help me to do so. i am comming to singapore on october.

  3. Hi Omar, in English it’s common to start addressing people by saying “Hello”, or “Hi”, even online. This post is old so my help will be limited; you will also have to do your own detailed research. This should help you though: When I was back in university in Singapore, many students made personal copies from original books they got from I guess some library or from a friend. I had the originals kindly offered to me by a uni friend. There’s also book swapping when you buy second-hand books. It’s usually organized by the university (at least at NUS) but you must get the dates right and make sure you don’t miss it. I’m confident there’s more than one way to avoid going bankrupt on expensive brand new academic books, but that’s all I know. Good luck.

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