How to Use Toilets For Free in Paris Bars and Restaurants

Unbelievable but true, this is indeed a post about…yep: Toilets 🙂

The city of Paris faces a huge lack in the number of those public facilities. Anyone who has been to Paris knows that and it’s one of the very few reasons why I hate Paris at times. Not only there is not enough but they are often barely clean, they charge, and they are closed at night. So YES, going to a bar or restaurant is sometimes the only option left, especially you’re the gender Mother Nature has been unfair to when it comes to those emergencies.

Paris, and more precisely Parisians, have suceeded at getting the worldwide and  eternal reputation of being unfriendly and rude. It is all the more true if you try to use the bathroom in a bar or a restaurant WITHOUT having ordered anything.

Although it is fine in many places, it is not okay in Paris and very often (unless you’re a really pretty woman) the owner or tenders may be unfriendly if you come in just for their bathroom.

Well you could order but…I mean if everytime you feel like it you have 5 Euros to waste in junk food or coffee only for access to a little wee-wee session…go for it, I prefer my trick.

SO, how to get a rude Parisian bar tender show you, for free, the way to their bathroom, plus with a smile ? I found.

Tell them your diabetic and need to use their bathroom to take your insulin shot.

Enjoy your toilet experience in Paris 🙂 Don’t forget : The Parisian is always POTENTIALLY a nice person, you just need to learn how to unleash some hidden parts of them that they ignored.

PS: Someone owes me 5 bucks now.
PPS: I love my rude Parisians.
PPPS: Be smart and respectful: Use this trick only in case of emergency.

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