Whole-Food Plant-Based Potlucks – Requirements & FAQ

This is for WFPB potlucks in Wellington, New Zealand, organized by Whole-Food Plant-Based Kiwis.

What should I bring?

If you’re not familiar with low-fat, whole-food plant-based (WFPB) eating, and/or never attended the potlucks before, just pick a recipe here and stick to the instructions, it will be perfect πŸ˜‰

What kind of food do you consider β€œhealthy”?

We advocate the use of low-fat, whole plant foods (unrefined, unextracted, minimally processed plant foods), with a particular emphasis on:
β€’ oil-free and generally low in fat, even whole-food fat (like too many nuts, avocado, etc)
β€’ using sweetness from whole sweet foods (like dried fruit, etc) instead of extracted sugars
β€’ and flavour from whole foods and spices etc. instead of salt* or artificial flavouring.

* Note: All dishes are expected to be salt-free so that those on salt-free diets can enjoy them. HOWEVER, although salt reduction is encouraged, it is not the highest priority and you will not be expected to eat salt-free. We will provide a salt-shaker so everyone can enjoy the food at the salt level that suits them personally.

What is this way of eating based on?

Evidence-based clinical research/practice has shown that this specific type of nutrition prevents/halts/reverses cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, significantly reduces the risk for cancer, other degenerative diseases and a long list of diseases typical of the modern Western diet, which is typicallyΒ  high in animal products, in fat and processed foods.

More info here:

I want to make my own recipe: How do I make it WFPB-compliant?

Not sure what food in your pantry is compliant? How to do without oil? How to add sweetness to your dish using whole foods? what to replace salt with? Worry not!

Here’s a practical guide to whole-food alternatives to processed foods:

Note: This can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for people used to processed foods and just starting their transition to whole plant foods, or to cooking at all. So if you want to make it simple for yourself for now as you learn, just pick a recipe here, keep to the instructions and it will be perfect πŸ˜‰

Must I be vegan, plant-based or WFPB to attend?

It’s a common fear, in practice almost 100% of the people that have been showing up to the potlucks are in the process of a transition to WFPB.

You or your friends do not need to be plant-based nor vegan nor already super healthy to attend. Only the food is expected to be.

It’s important for us to make everyone feel welcomed, and maintain a supportive environment for people at every stage of their transition to whole-food plant-based nutrition.

If you are not sure what foods are vegan and which are not, see the Recipe section for 100%-compliant recipes.

What gear do I need?

β€’ Your own plates and cutlery, we kindly encourage not using disposables nor recyclables to avoid generating unnecessary waste/recycling.
β€’ Water
β€’ Blankets to put on the grass.
β€’ And in case you’re new to New Zealand: a good sunscreen or a large hat and long sleeves!
β€’ Optional: If you have board games or fun things to play in a group, bring just in case. We do like a bit of play on a full stomach πŸ™‚


More recipes

100% compliant recipes, just keep to the instructions:


Almost all below are low-fat, 100% whole-food, plant-based, SOS-free (free from sugar, oil, salt) but you may need to “unprocess” or “wholefoodise” some.

Healthy Living with Chef AJ (occasionally high-fat)

Unprocessed (Chef AJ)
The Health Promoting Cookbook (Alan Goldhamer)
Bravo Cookbook (Ramses Bravo)

Can I come and not bring food?

If you want to come to enjoy the food with us but for whatever reason won’t be able to prepare anything, you can come and enjoy the food provided a few conditions:

  • a 10$ contribution that will be given to charity
  • that you let us know at least 2 days before the potluck date, so that we can make sure to bring enough food for everyone.

Who organizes and why?

My name is Youcef Banouni. I am a nutritionist and I founded and run the Whole-Food Plant-Based Kiwis group on a Facebook, a non-profit support group for people seeking to eat in a way that sustainably prevents, stops, and often reverses many diseases of modern Western society.

I have questions!

Read the FAQ first (this article) but if it still doesn’t answer your questions, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with the event organiser.

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