Working Out: The Picky Questions That Make a Difference

If you have been seriously enough at the gym, you must have asked yourself at least one of these questions, if not all. They finally were given a clear documented answer.

  • Should I do all the sets of one exercise and rest in between or can I do cycles so I can move right away to a different exercise ?
  • How many reps is ideal ?
  • How many sets ?
  • Is there an ideal time of exercise and time of rest ?
  • What is the ideal execution time for an exercise ?
  • Should I perform the reps fastly to increase intensity and gain more ?
  • How long should the whole workout be ?
  • Is there an ideal weight to add to solicit an optimal muscle response ?

Here is finally a reliable and documented answer to all these questions :

Efficient Strength Training
by Matt Brzycki, coordinator of Health and Strength Conditioning at Princeton University.

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