The Divine Beauty of Capoeira

Capoeira is the essence of fitness and balance. It’s all about a fine harmony of flexibility, strength, control, speed, rhythm, playfulness and community sharing.

Look at these beautiful videos.

One the most aesthetic video I found so far:

Another one in the same fashion:

And an excellent extract of a movie featuring almighty Muay Thai expert Tony Jaa in a fight with almigthy gymnast and Capoeirista Lateef Crowder:

All apologies to the ladies, irony apart, as soon as I find them back I promise to put a video with stunning female Capoeiristas, as we know there is a number of you girls in the field.

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2 thoughts on “The Divine Beauty of Capoeira

  1. Il va falloir que je te vois faire tout ça !

    YB: Comme pour la plupart des arts que j’ai pu observer, il faut généralement 5 à 10 ans de pratique passionnée pour atteindre un niveau de haute compétence. La détermination y est, j’espère que je trouverai des cours de Capoeira partout ou j’irai !

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