Torch Paperwork Efficiently From Your PC

There is nothing more tedious than having to juggle between faxes, printers and scanners to get some paperwork done.I am collecting and sharing whatever (free or cheap) tool allows to free human people from the inhuman task of having to torch hours of paperwork.

  • FAXING : Send a FAX online
    This website offers you a fax number and allows you to send electronic documents to any fax in the world at interesting rates. If you create an account you have a trial period of 3 days to use 4 faxes.
  • PRINTED LETTERS : Send a printed document (to France) (In French, sorry)
    Upload the files you want to print and send.
  • STORING DOCUMENTS : Save all you basic paperwork documents online
    Allow you to store (and if desired also share) online up to 2GB of any types of files for free.
  • PHONE CALLS : Make phone calls to everywhere at low costs
  • CONVERTING FILETYPES : Convert files from an extension to another, with no need of installing any sosftware on your PC.
  • EDITING A PDF FILE : Import, annotate and save a PDF file easily.

Any suggestion of complementary relevant input to this article is more than welcome and will be added fast.

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