Water Sports in Singapore

Many foreigners coming to live in Singapore sooner or later complain about Singapour being a boring island with nothing to do in it.

No wonder the multiplicity of Singapore’s cultural events is a funny joke for a Parisian or a New Yorker. Yet there is a few non-cultural activities one can do on evenings or week ends that will just spice up the daily routine. Among them, water sports @ East Coast.


Never done it before ? Never managed to stand ? That’s one more reasons to try. Standing on a board is a matter of only a few dozens of tries. If there’s not many people you get to try many times, and that’s a matter of 1 hour or less to learn to stand. And THEN it’s pure FUN for the rest of your life 😉

Nothing to be scared of, a 30 km/h fall (even a spectacular one) in the water is nearly totally harmless. Your worst fear might be minor muscle soreness…or forgetting your SPF.



In Brief : 2 Hours = 64 SGD, Flat Student Discount : 5 SGD.


Plan your route by bus on :


There is apparently many other wakeboard places in Singapore, mostly the boat-type, the long list can be found here.

For small budgets, consider training at Batam, a full day comprehensive trip with a 1 day unlimited riding pass costs ~100 SGD.


Haven’t tried yet but very glad to have found where that can be done.
One place is right near the 360 degree cable wakeboard lake.

Mana Mana
Tel: 6339-8878
Website: www.manamana.com

More to come…

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