Social Engineering : How to get valuable information for free

Here is the idea.

Having in the past been involved in online business, I have been in charge of the whole buying and reselling process, including advertising and customer relationship.

After a while, you become more and more worried about time efficiency. You try to maximize the benefits per human worked hour.

One factor to be considered is customer relationship. So consumer relationship is costly for you and free for the potential customer. This brings me to the conclusion that potential customers get valuable information for free.

As a vendor, you will do your best to ask as well and fast as you can, to seduce the customer.

So when you’re in need, remember that there is a handful of potential very great information on the vendors minds, and they want is you to ask. Nothing legally obliges you to purchase products or services, so why not ask what’s it made of and how they proceed ?

Some people might say it’s sick to pretend you are a potential customer when you know in advance that you will not purchase. To those I answer that one I keep that as an emergency solution, and if I do so I do intend as usual to be a a very pleasent potential customer communication-wise. It also permits you to “ping” the vendors, of whom you may actually become a customer later on or whom you may recommend to someone if they provided you with satisfactory information.

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