7 Basic Features Gmail Should Have

(“GMAL” which read in French means “I feel pain”)

GMAIL has been a great innovator 5 years ago, mostly by the 3 pillar features : organizing emails by conversations, proving a robust spam detector, and a powerful search tool to find emails. But like many companies that reach the top, the Gmail team, amongst other Google teams, has been chilling a lot, bringing little if no improvement to their features, even the basic ones. Here are little things that would make a big difference in my user experience:
    • 1. Multiple Signatures
    • 2. Put signatures ABOVE the email you’re answering when you set Gmail to answer above these emails
    • 3. Email Subject Spellcheck
    • 4. NOT changing the Spellcheck Language after multiple spellchecks
    • 5. Email Scheduling
    • 6. Organize conversations by Issues, with intrinsic statuses such as “Solved”, “Waiting for reply”…
    • 7. Allow to open different Gmail accounts in different tabs simultaneously

Now, what are the features YOU think GMAIL should have?

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2 thoughts on “7 Basic Features Gmail Should Have

  1. 3. the spellchecker in the subject works for me 🙂
    5. what do you mean by that? you can program google calendar to send emails…
    6. you can create filters by keywords for your conversations i believe (never tried thought)
    7. hmm, try mailplane and you can switch from an account to another using a drawer…
    i hope this help 🙂

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