Remote Assistants and Remote Desktop Connection

TeamViewer allows sessions and presentations from any OS, really good, and using VPN apparently it passes through most routers. Otherwise unlock router’s VPN ports. I haven’t had time to figure them out. If you know them, share in comments and mention your sources.

TeamViewer can be used for assistance (taking control of a computer) and presentations (no control given only sharing a screen.

PROBLEM : TeamViewer requires the presence and actions of the other party, which can be limiting.

From a Mac to open a desktop on a Windows desktop, use REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION for Mac.


If IP changes, one may us and install it on each sessions used:

On the website, create a free DNS that will redirect to the PC in question

Locally on the NOIP software :

use email and password for the noip account

+ go to settings >> use as a Windows service

+ add host :


  1. Go to router settings, usually at or find with a traceroute (unix)
  2. Go to NAT settings or anything related to a firewall
  3. Redirect port 3389 (both UDP and TCP) to the local IP address that needs to be reached


Preferably as ADMIN :

  1. Computer Settings >> Windows firewall  >> Exceptions : Remote Desktop
  2. Computer Settings >> System >> Remote Access : add all users the desktop of whom should be reachable at a distance.

For details on the windows config, read this :

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