One thought on “Warning : Online Web Based Desktops Are Taking Over And These 15 WebOS Are In The Running To Do So

  1. After having been disappointed by EyeOS a year ago, I don’t think online desktops can have a future, not as long as they copy your local OS. I’ll give you two reasons :

    First : those systems are still too slow and it can’t change as long as the AJAX applications are inside an AJAX system, itself in a browser which is also running on an OS (which can be running on an other OS in case of virtual machines)…

    Second : the applications you use online are very limited : RSS, chat, e-mail, web browsing (Facebook !) and this is perfectly handled by online applications like Google ones. The trend is to provide the customer with a package using single sign-in (openID, Google ID, Yahoo ID…). The power of this system is the mashup : you can choose your prefered service and use the data of one service in an other one.
    “Never doubt the power of software” for other applications !

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