Aerial Photography Using Paramotor. Verdict? POSSIBLE.

My friend and paramotoring instructor James Gibbs worked around May to June 2011 in contributing to produce a documentary called Shoot For The Sky in Sabah. It was aired on Bio Channel Asia from February 25th to March 6th, 2012.

The whole point of the documentary was to experiment aerial photography from a paramotor, the cheapest form of powered aircraft. It is extremely relevant to do so, because usually a helicopter or plane is used at a huge cost. A paramotor is also a very transportable aircraft and a whole great for one passenger fits easily in the average car. Additionally, because of its limited size, a paramotor can access places that would not be accessible by plane or helicopter.

Two top-rank Malaysian photographers, Jon and Cede, were first trained. 5 days of an epic adventure.

Then the production team flew to Sabah with all the gear, and photography equipment. Despite some dramatic landings funnily commented in the documentary, the pictures came out outrageously clear. They can be seen in the photo album of the documentary Shoot for the Sky.

The paramotor training in Malaysia was provided by AirVenture.

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