Solution to Folders disappearing from Places in Mac OS Sidebar

Network Folders, or folders pointing to external drive always disappear in Mac OS X. It is a big problem when the shortcuts in Places don’t stay in the Places Sidebar on Mac OS X. This can be very frustrating because you use these shortcuts to be more efficient but every time you take the drive off you’re signing for spending minutes recreating your shortcuts again. A NIGHTMARE.

HERE IS THE UNIVERSAL SOLUTION in order to permanently add folders to Places in Sidebar on Mac OS. Creating a small software that will attempt to open the folder.

Here is the very simple procedure, do it for each folder or file you want to add to Places in Sidebar:

  1. Open Script Editor
  2. Copy / paste the following, and replace by the folder location you want to put in Sidebar :
  3. -- Script to open a location in the current finder window. You can set the desired location to be on a removable volume, or a disk drive, and then put the script into the sidebar as a means to access files on a removable volume from the sidebar.
    set primary_item to POSIX file "/Volumes/EXTERNAL-HARD-DRIVE/WHATEVER"
    tell application "Finder"
    set folder of front window to primary_item
    on error
    display dialog "The location could not be found"
    end try
    end tell

  4. If you don’t know the folder location, right click on the folder and click on “Get info” and look then in “Where”
  5. Save the script as Application, somewhere on the local hard drive, NOT on the removable disk, not on a network drive or anything…
  6. Put the Application in the Sidebar
  7. Drop me a message in the comments if you are happy 😉

Source: The article you just read is a clearer refinement of this article.

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6 thoughts on “Solution to Folders disappearing from Places in Mac OS Sidebar

  1. Hi … I did all the steps mentioned but can’t seem to be able to put the application on the sidebar. It won’t let me drop it in. Do I have to enable something in preferences somewhere? Thanks.

  2. Figured it out in case anyone else is reading this thread… You have hold COMMAND while dropping the application on to the sidebar. Thanks for this thread. Really helpful.

  3. This is helpful—what a maddening problem. The fix acts just like creating a local folder of alias of the locations you want shortcuts to.

  4. One problem I just came across—these mini applications don’t work when you’re opening a file within a program. But the aliases will.

  5. Hi Drew, Thanks for your comment. You got me curious because I didn’t remember holding comment. Did it again on Mac OSX 10.5.8 (Leopard) and I didn’t need to hold COMMAND, just a simple drag and drop. What is your Mac OS version?

  6. Yes, I made aliases too to fix that. If I find time I’ll check if it’s possible to write a script to create the regular folder links (those that disappear) at every launch of the computer or every time a certain drive is plugged. That would make the folder opening time so much faster because sometimes even with this hack I’d have to wait 3~5 seconds for the application to finally open the folder. It would also remove the need for aliases. If you touch code a bit and code it first definitely drop a comment here.

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