How to valorise your blog on Facebook

As more and more people are becoming real Facebook addicts (it is indeed quite addictive) you may want to take that opportunity to get people to know you blog and read your post.

And please, don’t be fool enough to, like many bloggers, just assume that people have subscribed to your RSS feed. Even in RSS is as simple to you as ABC, a handful of people, even the supposedly IT-saavy are not quite familiar with it. Another illusion when you start blogging is that you just assume that people REMEMBER that they should everynow and then visit your blog.

Okay, now that you swallowed the red pill, here’s how to truly get your network of friends keep up with you blog posts, or to even DISCOVER your blog for the least (most?) social friends of yours.

I am very happy with these two applications : Simply RSS and Flog.
However I have a preference for Flo, which has more settings such as how to present the posts (title only, + first sentence ? + first paragraph, etc…)

Here’s a caption, enjoy !

Simply RSS and Flog Facebook applications

(I know the date is messed up, I need to fix this).

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