Do not buy a Promize mattress – Scam alert

Warning, Malaysians!

This is going to be a grumpy post, because I’m tired of not sleeping well.

I bought a Promize queen size spring mattress a month ago. Very comfortable (before purchase only), and at a promotion.

SERIOUSLY, DO NOT BUY A PROMIZE MATTRESS, you will feel the springs after a week or so, then it’s just unbearable, your 350/400RM will have gone to waste because it’s not sleep-friendly anymore. How ironic for a mattress?

Promize mattresses are a scam. If you want good sleep stay away from Promize.

This is not a post from a hater competitor, they don’t have competition anyway in the kind of rubbish they are selling. Promize is shit, it’s crap, it’s momey thrown by the windows. You are warned.

How can such a bad mattress that dies in 2 weeks be still in business?

They are distributed by Carrefour. Carrefour must be doing really bad to get to the point of average bad quality they’ve been having lately for the high cost they charge. If I was Carrefour I wouldn’t want the responsibility fof selling bad sleep at a fraud.

There’s one simple rule I should have followed: Go for established brands, or brands you have tested before. It’s very expensive yes, but it lasts long, and make it worth the bucks in the long run.

After all we spend 33% of our lives in our beds, isn’t worth it a bit of a premium investment since we spend so much more in everything else?

If you were about to buy one, and you’re changing your mind, drop a quick comment, just to keep track of whether an alert like this one is useful to the community or not.

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2 thoughts on “Do not buy a Promize mattress – Scam alert

  1. Thank you for commenting on promize mattress. I saw groupon is selling. Luckily i saw your review. Really help alot. TQ.

  2. You’re most welcome. If I saved just one person from that I am happy 🙂 Ended up with a King Koil, only then realized how much I had missed on a good sleep. King Koil “Europedic”, worth every penny.

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