(Computer) Pranks That Will Make Your Friends Curse You

My friends (robotics club sweet times) pushed the pranks further to not wrap just my chair, but also ME ON IT…with a vaacum cleaner attached to my feet, how random is that uh ? I think those bastards even took pictures of that wrapped and taped (not so?) human-looking thing struggling with what seems to be their teeth to free themselves.

These pranks are the type of things that make you hate your buds for a week, and love them for the rest of your lifetime. Everytime you would think about those stupid pranks you would smile and miss those great times. It happens to me quite often and I am sure you get a feel of what I am talking about. So do pranks again and again to all the friends you really like, not too often though, and make them as unexpected as you can.

Of course you don’t want to get to the point where they hate you forever.

Don’t hurt : forget the slippery banana or pulling the chair away when they seat. Physical pain is probably the best way to end up a friendship and any relationship actually…except for women and beatiful BUT painful shoes…I’ll never understand this, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Don’t humiliate : Or at least to go beyond the bottom line. Yes, for most people ending up naked in front of a crowd is not a fun kind of prank.

Don’t put stress : Or not for too long, you should stop before they don’t find it fun and become angry.

The point of your pranks is really to make the victim find it FUN, you want to suprise them, you want to draw a smile from them and declare (or keep up) a warm and friendly sort of little war based on an innate drive for REVENGE, gentle revenge though.

Till I get the pictures of my torture above mentionned, and if you’re running out of creativity whan it comes to pranks, try and enjoy this, it’s SWEET :


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2 thoughts on “(Computer) Pranks That Will Make Your Friends Curse You

  1. Indeed, it was a pleasant moment, one among the many we will share for the rest of our life.
    I just want to add that it also strengthen friendship : it’s good to have friends, it’s better to have fun with them !
    For the picture, I have it on my cellphone but I can’t manage to transfer it on my computer … Next time we meet, I’m sure you will fix it.

    Congratulation for the article,
    Jean (Besoukhov)
    PS : thx Mélo for the tips

  2. J’adore ton article, il est si vrai 🙂 Par contre, je tiens à rappeler qu’il ne s’agissait pas vraiment des geeks d’INTech, mais juste de Jean et moi.
    Dès que j’ai vu ton billet, j’ai essayé de récupérer la seule et unique photo, prise avec le téléphone de Jean. Mais pour l’instant, on n’a toujours pas réussi à faire marcher son port infrarouge pour la transférer sur un support un peu plus pratique…

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