Manhattan Napping Salon

Neither fundamentally innovating nor world-changing, this business idea doesn’t go however without getting my support. It’s about offering not products or services, but experiences, the meaningful kind.

French Entrepreneur Nicolas Ronco started in Manhattan a napping salon. Now you have an alternative to maintain a flexible lifestyle if your job application for Google was rejected.

For 12 USD, you get to take a nap in a very comfortable long chair, with mood-changing colorful light effects, the music and smell of your choice.

No alarm clock to wake you up, a sunrise is simulated to get you out of sleep in a most natural and smooth way.


The debriefing of the CEO is absolutely right, an insane number of people just lack sleep. Many take pills, or insane amounts of exiting drinks and foods. Very few however realise the critical aspect of sleep in everyday life.

The concept could be widely extended to provide a comprehensive in-town relaxing facility, a sort of second home in town where you can go get a nap, but also take a shower, shave etc… in a nutshell a facility where you can take over the comfort experience that you didn’t have enough time for at home.