HOW TO Set Up a Shared Printer on Linux at NUS

Although Singapore and more specifically NUS seems to have absolutely NO IDEA what Linux is, you may want to set up Linux on your desk at some point of time. And a few days later you will, like me, realize you have not set your lab’s printer and start struggle with that. I did, so you no need lah, just follow this:

  1. The printer is shared on a PC inside the same workgroup : ASK THE ADMINISTRATOR TO ADD YOU TO THE ALLOWED USERS OF THE PRINTER ON THE COMPUTER ON WHICH THE PRINTER IS CONNECTED. We will call this PC “PrinterPC” in the following, but you will need to replace that by the network name of that computer. We will call this printer “SharedPrinter”, , but you will need to replace that by the share name of that printer.
  2. System > Administration > Printing
  3. New Printer > Windows Printer via SAMBA
  4. Complete the field “smb://” with the following :

    Note that you should NOT REPLACE “workgroup” by anything else, type literally “workgroup” as shown in bold.
    Example, in my case it is:

  5. Tick the box “Authentication Required”
    Your username is


    and use your latest NUS password.

  6. Click on “Verify” and you should have access.
  7. Move to the next super easy steps (installing driver)
  8. Print a test page, roar loudly like a lion while raising your arms and feel almighty 😉

Any problems ? Post a comment.